John Handelsman

John is a seasoned executive and trusted innovator in corporate and entrepreneurial environments with a focus on strategic-level problem solving and organizational development for small and middle-market businesses.  Several years ago, he was prompted to become a catalyst for his wife’s dreams, whatever they might be, as she had been so supportive of his career and their family for so long. He is thrilled to see Jeannie thrive in the things that God gave her to give away to others and believes that she is living out part of her divine purpose through Freedom Path.  John hopes this part of his testimony can inspire men to pursue an understanding and appreciation for their wife’s dreams, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, become a catalyst for those dreams and experience the blessings of an enriched marriage and family life (James 4:17).
John has served on multiple boards for both Marketplace and Christian organizations. Currently, he is a vice chairman of JH Everlasting Adventures and chairman of JH Outback - Cincinnati, a local outreach of JH Ranch and international family discipleship ministry. He also served as chairman of the board of trustees and executive pastor of Vineyard Community Church.  He is an Operating Partner with Brixey & Meyer Capital, a Miamisburg, Ohio-based private equity firm, chairman of Stillwater Technologies of Troy Ohio, and a Member of the Advisory Board for The Garage Group of Cincinnati.
A Michigan native, John studied at Albion College. He and his wife, Jeannie, are the parents of six children and have three grandchildren.